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Dr. Antonio Schirru, D.C.
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Dr. Antonio Schirru, D.C.

Dr. Antonio Schirru, founder of Inner Balance Chiropractic Centre, has created an environment centered on patient education aimed at fostering an overall picture of health for the whole family. Chiropractic makes it possible to balance life’s demands ensuring a healthy, happy and successful life experience.  Dr. Schirru aspires to be an example to his patients by achieving balance in his own life. He is passionate about sharing chiropractic with the world, one family at a time.

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Welcome to the Inner Balance Chiropractic website. It is our goal to help people reach and maintain an optimal state of health and improve the quality of their life. Quality of life is the degree to which a person enjoys the important possibilities of his/her life.  It is the quality of our health, well-being, relationships, mental attitude, love and gratitude which produces quality of life.
About Inner Balance
Chiropractic means “done by hand” and has become the most popular natural, drug-free healing art in the world. Millions visit their chiropractor regularly and enjoy all the health benefits of a chiropractic lifestyle. Being our best requires us to adapt to the physical, chemical and emotional stressors we’re faced with throughout life.  The purpose and intent of chiropractic is to ensure we can adapt by keeping us balanced and aligned, resulting in a lifetime of abundant health and well-being.
About Health & Chiropractic

“A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings.”
                                 - Hippocrates



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