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Need A Speaker?

Dr. Tony Schirru’s mission in providing seminars to community groups, businesses, sports teams and other organizations within the London and surrounding area is to empower people to take charge of their health, heath care decisions and future. By understanding and adopting good health habits, a positive attitude while managing stress we can all reach our full health potential.

In his experience, Dr. Schirru has seen the effect of the often busy and stressful lives many of us are leading today.  His vision of improving the health of our community leads him to share his time and expertise promoting health and wellness through public speaking.

Dr. Schirru speaks on a variety of health topics such as managing stress, raising a healthy drug-free family, sports and chiropractic, creating wellness at work, women’s health and many more.  He has enjoyed sharing the knowledge and tools to live a healthy life with groups at 3M, London Psychiatric Hospital, The Running Room, Bell Canada, The YMCA Child Care Centre and many more.

If you would like to infuse your workplace or business with the health and wellness principles that have assisted so many people in being their best, invite Dr. Schirru to speak to your organization.


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