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Choosing Good Carbohydrates, Fats & Proteins

Most of us know that we should limit our intake of fried, fatty foods and try to eat lean sources of meat but did you know that not all carbohydrates are created equal? It's true, and some of the information below may surprise you. By choosing your carbohydrates wisely, you will be able to better control your blood sugar levels, thereby decreasing the peaks and valleys that we experience in our energy levels throughout the day.  

Glycemic Index of Certain Foods

The Glycemic Index rates how fast carbohydrates break down into glucose and increase blood sugar levels. Foods are listed on a scale from Low to Very High. A Very High listing means blood sugar will rise rapidly. Table sugar (sucrose) has a Very High listing. To maintain stable blood sugar levels you should try to use Low to Medium glycemic carbohydrates. 

Fruits and Vegetables Starches
Very High Medium Very High Medium
-none -Cantaloupe -Refined Sugar -Oatmeal
  -Grapes -Cereal (Corn Flakes) -Pasta
High -Orange (Raisin Bran) -Peas
-Banana -Orange Juice -Rice Cakes -Pita Bread
-Raisins -Peach   -Pinto Beans
-Beets -Pineapple   -Rye Bread
  -Watermelon High -Yam
Low -Bread (whole grain) Low
-Apple -Green Beans -Carrots -Lentils
-Apricot -Green Pepper -Corn  
-Asparagus -Lettuce -Kidney Beans  
-Broccoli -Mushrooms -Muffin (bran)  
-Brussel Sprouts -Onions -Potatoe  
-Cauliflower -Plums -Pretzels  
-Celery -Spinach -Rice  
-Cherries -Strawberries -Tortilla  
-Cucumber -Tomato -Granola  
-Grapefruit -Zucchini    


Good Sources of Fat & Protein


  • Look for sources which are high in monounsaturated fats. These fats are healthy and can actually lower your risk of heart disease
  • Sources include: Olive Oil (Cold Pressed Extra Virgin is best), Olives, Avocado, Almonds and Peanuts (natural peanut and almond butter are good too!)


  • While many protein sources also contain fat, if you are choosing good lean sources you can ignore the fat content.
  • Sources are primarily Meat or Dairy and include; Chicken breast, Turkey breast, lean cuts of beef, fish (excellent source of essential fish oils), low fat milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, Eggs (whole &/or whites) and tofu (or other Soya products).


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