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Chiropractic helps babies with milk intolerance

Chiropractic care may benefit children with cow’s milk intolerance (CMI), demonstrate findings from a just-released pilot study.

The assessment comprised infants with disturbed sleep who met clinical criteria for CMI. Along with dietary changes, the infants underwent “a high-impulse, low-amplitude whole-of-body chiropractic management protocol.” Out of 19 infants, 14 achieved stable sleep patterns within the 4-week study period. “By the end of the study, no subject had demonstrable evidence of either biomechanical derangement or functional neurologic imbalance.”

The study concludes that “CMI should be considered as a possibility in infants with disturbed sleep patterns who present for chiropractic care. This study describes how a therapeutic trial involving dietary modification, parental counseling, and comprehensive chiropractic care may offer a noninvasive approach to excluding and/or managing this condition. Further research is required before definitive recommendations can be made.”

JMPT– July 2006;29:469-74.



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